​About Dirty Boy Laundry

Welcome to Dirty Boy Laundry!

Raising boys it seemed like I was always doing laundry. As babies, it was spit-up and runny noses. As toddlers they were sticky and as teenagers, they were just plain DIRTY! Some weeks it seemed laundry ran non-stop in our house. Welcome to our a family-owned and operated laundromat in Sacramento! We happily specialize in laundry pickup and delivery and wash and fold laundry services.

Let’s face it; life can get busy, really really busy! Did you know the average family of four does more than 10 loads of laundry per week. At 90 min per load that equates to 18 hours per week spent on laundry. Now think about a laundry-free life!

Getting started is simple, when you schedule our weekly laundry pickup and delivery service, you will never have to do your laundry again. Our pick-up and delivery service is available Monday - Friday.

Our professional staff will wash, dry, and fold all your laundry for you. You can also do it yourself at our self-service laundromat. We are open daily from 6:00am-9:30pm. If you own a business in our service area, please contact us for a bid on our commercial laundry services.

From my family to yours! Welcome to Dirty Boy Laundry!

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